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The .22 Repeater in the gear viewer.

.22 Repeater is a Poor condition primary weapon in Days Gone.


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Ditto, with stats included.

"Very low stopping power requires a lot of headshots. This is somewhat offset by ammo availability and a quick rate of fire." - Description

Condition: Level 2 (Poor).
Magazine: 5 round box magazine.
Cost: 1000 credits.

The .22 repeater can be used to combat small groups of Swarmers or for clearing out the smaller Infestation zones. Due to its low stopping power and damage, the weapon should not be used against heavy freakers such as Breakers or Hordes.


  • A female survivor surrenders and drops the gun after you complete No Starving Patriots. It doesn't have any ammo loaded and the weapon isn't unlocked until you buy it at Tucker's camp. If you lose or drop it, it's gone for good.
  • One can be found at the top of the superstructure on top of the hydro-electric dam.
  • The .22 Repeater can be unlocked at Tucker's camp at Trust level 1 and bought for 1,000 credits. It will then appear in Deacon's locker.


  • The weapon is based off the Ruger 10/22 rifle. It also to some degree resembles the Ruger Mini-14.
  • .22 LR is one of the two most common calibers of ammunition found in the United States, with the other being .223 Remington.