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Inventory icon for the 9mm

The 9mm is a weapon in Days Gone. It serves as Deacon St. John's default pistol and is in his inventory at the beginning of the game, but can also be found on various NPCs. It only comes in Junk condition and initially could not use oil filter suppressors, though this was changed in an update.


"Better than nothing, but not by much. Probably requires headshots or lots of ammo." - In-game Description.

Condition: Level 1 (Junk)
Magazine: 10-round box magazine.



  • It appears to combine design features of the Beretta 92FS, SIG-Sauer P226R, and Norinco QSZ-92.
  • Various NPCs in the northern region can be seen using this pistol, but in the southern region it becomes less common, being replaced by the SAP9.