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  A Target On Their Backs is a mission in Days Gone.


Ride south with Captain Kouri.


  • Ride South with Captain Kouri.


An Officer And A Gentleman[]

Captain Kouri showed me a photo of his wife. I think he said her name was Karie. I could tell he was ex-military, not the bullshit Militia, but the real deal. S.A.C. Strategic Air Command. I told him there aren't any missile silos in Oregon. Who knows what to believe any more.

A Good Soldier[]

It's like I told Kouri, anyone who's ex-military can spot another vet a mile away. There's something about having hone through it all, boot camp, serving, training, you can't shake it, no matter how long you've been out or how much you try. It defines who you are, being in the service. As much as where you were born. Maybe more.