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  A War We Can Win is a mission in Days Gone.


Talk to Colonel Garret.


  • Walk with Colonel Garret.


  • 10,000 XP


I Remember[]

She's alive. Sarah's alive.

I'm Never Giving Up[]

Sarah's alive. She's alive. She pretended she didn't know me in front of the Colonel. His fraternization rule. If he knew we were married, the Colonel wouldn't have assigned me to her unit and I'd never get to see her. Smart girl. She always was. But something's happened to her. No surprise. I guess something's happened to all of us. All I know is, nothing can make me leave her again. Not a damn thing.

An Officer And A Gentleman[]

Kouri talks about motivation and discipline and then I see Militia soldiers beating the camp workers. I'm already getting a bad feeling about this place. Have to give the Colonel credit though. They have an impressive operation here. It isn't easy building something like this, even if the world hadn't blown up.

How He'd Survive?[]

Go figure that Taylor would show up at the Wizard Island Militia fort. Maybe I shouldn't have shown him my photo of Sarah. He's bound to run into her sooner or later and remember that I was asking about her. I don't know. He reminds me of the druggies who used to buy shit from the MC. Maybe Taylor won't even remember.

Law And Disorder[]

A commanding officer who talks about the "almighty" like they're best friends? Like he knows, like he speaks for him. I'll play along, play soldier for this guy, but only until I find out why Sarah won't leave.

Blow It Up Good[]

James Weaver. I thought I was going to like this guy until I remembered that he called Sarah, Lieutenant Whitaker, "The Wizard Island Witch." What's that about? If he wants to make a Napalm Molotov, burn Freaks to the ground? I'll do all I can to help him. Even if he doesn't know how to treat a woman with respect.