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  About Boozer's Arm is a mission in Days Gone.


Work with Rikki.


  • Meet Rikki.
  • Wait for Rikki's Call.
  • Raid to Marion Forks.
  • Find the Metal Tube.
  • Find the Hunting Blade.
  • Gather Scrap.
  • Bring the Parts to Rikki.



Surviving Isn't Living[]

I had an idea about making a prosthetic for Boozer's arm, I don't know, a knife maybe, a weapon of some kind, let him get back out in the shit, be able to take care of himself again. Rikki thought it was a great idea. We'll see what she comes up with.

Someone That I Used To Know[]

Okay, that made me laugh, which is hard to do. Rikki asked if I wanted to "weaponize Boozer." And she was all for it. Which means that yeah, I'm going to owe her again. Maybe me helping her get the lights back on, hot water for that shower of hers, will pay her back. If only a little.