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Physical description
Gender Female
In-game information
Voiced by Debra Wilson

Addison Walker is a supporting character in Days Gone. Commonly known as Addy , she is a former veterinarian who became the community doctor of Iron Mike's Camp. She is also the romantic partner of Rikki Patil.


Addy was raised from a very religious family. She came out as a lesbian in which she was subsequently ostracized by her parents, especially during a spat between them and her girlfriend while on a disastrous Thanksgiving visit.[1] Addy would later move from Los Angeles to Oregon to go to veterinary school, where she specialized in domestic livestock.[2]

At some point after the Apocalypse, Addy joined Iron Mike's settlement and became good friends with her fellow survivor and later lover, Rikki Patil. Addy's brother also joined the settlement, but was ambushed by Rippers during a patrol; he was killed by his fellow patroller LJ to save him the suffering as the Rippers ravaged him.[3] Despite being a veterinarian, Addy was the only person with professional medical skills and thus was obligated to become the settlement's physician. However, Addy privately believed herself to be ill-suited to treat people.


  • Deacon can find a Christmas Card for Addy from her parents who tried to apologize to her, but refused to accept her sexual orientation; in which Deacon comment his disappointment at Addy's parents for not accepting "folks for who they are."



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