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Ammunition is available for sale from the gun merchants of every settlement. The price isn't per round or carton or by the pound. It is per Deacon's maximum ammo capacity and current level of ammo carried for that weapon type. When the fee is paid, Deacon's ammo level for that class of weapon is shown as 'FULL'.

Pistol Ammo[]

“Ammunition used in Pistols”
Cost (Fill Ammo): ? credits.

Rifle Ammo[]

“Ammunition used in Sniper Rifles”
Cost (Fill Ammo): 85 credits.

Assault Rifle Ammo[]

“Ammunition used in Assault Rifles”
Cost (Fill Ammo): 75 credits.

Scrounging For Ammo[]

  • Deacon can sometimes find ammo cans and cartons of ammo lying around in deserted buildings.
  • Deacon can also recover ammunition looted off the corpses of enemies but only if he has the exact same type of weapons as them. For instance, he can only loot ammo off of enemies' SAF if he also carries a SAF.
  • The trunks of Police Cars have an ammo can that will fill up Deacon's Sidearm-, Primary- and Special Weapon ammo levels. To open the locked trunk, Deacon has to pry it open with his knife. While doing so, he is open to attack by enemies.