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Anarchists are an antagonistic faction in Days Gone. A loosely organised Bandit collective, the Anarchists subscribe to an ideology of taking and destroying everything they can.


The Anarchists only seek to cause as much trouble as possible whilst gaining as many resources for themselves as possible. All of them paint their faces with the "A" symbol that represents anarchy.

The Anarchists had been present in Oregon, posing a threat to other survivors until they were driven out. Soon afterwards the Rippers took over the Anarchists' vacuum. However, the Anarchists would later return to Oregon and once again threatening the survivors.

Anarchists are better equipped than most Marauder factions, often using Level 2 weapons such as Stingers. However, they lack specialist units such as armored assaulters or Heavies/Tanks. They have comparable health to Marauders. They typically only appear in certain missions, and do not have camps in the open world.



When the world blew up, cults started showing up out of nowhere. Anarchists, Kermejees, the Coyote Pack. We drove north to get away from all that. The Anarchists were already here.
Deacon St John, on the Anarchists.

The Anarchists formed during the collapse of civilisation in Oregon alongside other smaller cults that have either left the area or gone silent. They had terrorized the area and the settlements, including in Belknap and the Cascades. But Rest In Peace, another cult, did enough damage that the Anarchists fled back north to regroup.


A group of Anarchists was found by Copeland's Camp to be behind a number of attacks on their supply runs. Copeland, expressing surprise that the Anarchists had returned after being driven out of the area years ago, asked Deacon to clear out the Anarchist encampment to prevent them from reestablishing a foothold in the region.

Conflict with the Militia:

The Anarchists return to Crater Lake and Highway 97 in force, attempting to retake the area from the Milita. Having set up a base inside a local cave system, they took a Militia recon team sent to monitor them hostage, though this group was either killed by then-Militia Corporal Deacon St. John, or by the hibernating horde that attacked following the firefight between St. John and the Anarchists.

They also successfully implant an Anarchist into the Militia, where he gained the rank of Lieutenant. However, following his exposure as an Anarchist spy, he attempts to flee north through the Santiam Highway Tunnel, though is caught and restrained by St. John. Before the Miltia could hang him however, he comitted suicide to prevent his torturing giving the Militia information.


  • Despite Deacon's apparent hatred of the Anarchists, he wears a patch with the "A" symbol used to represent Anarchy on his kutte.
  • This is more likely due to the fact that they indiscriminately terrorise civilian settlements for their religion, but are cynical in their execution of it.