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Oh that's great, Cope. So you and your granddaddy set traps for 'em, and you and your old man used to lay down salt licks — yeah that's real sporting. I guess none of that shit matters now.

Animals Don't Watch the Sky is the ninth radio segment of Radio Free Oregon.


Copeland's Radio Free Oregon broadcast about hunting.


I grew up in these here woods. My grandfather taught me all about huntin'. Funny how it still works in a world he never would've dreamed of. I built my first tree house to use as a deer blind. Gettin' height on your target helps your aim and keeps you safe. Back then, I took out my first doe from up top. Today, my camp's up in the trees. You wanna survive and can contribute, you come to me, we got you covered. Grandfather also taught me, to catch a doe, sometimes you gotta lay an ambush. Hide where they need to go — like a watering hole. Today, you're as likely to be prey as hunter, so you gotta keep your eyes peeled when you're hittin' up places we all need to go. But Grandfather always said the easiest way to a good meal was to lay a trap. Put a snare by a tree, and you could have dinner next time you come round. But careful. A headless snake can still bite, 'specially when it ain't really dead — my grandfather would've outlived us all, let me tell you.