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Doc Jiminez
Biographical information
Full name Arturo García Jiminez
Other names "Doc"
Born c. 1969
Mexico City, Mexico
Died 2019 (aged 49/50)
Wizard Island, Oregon, United States
Cause of Death Killed by Wade Taylor
Profession Physician
Affiliations Deschutes County Militia
Matthew Garret
Deacon St. John
Location Wizard Island, Oregon, United States
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
In-game information
Appears in Days Gone
Voiced by Al Coronel

Doctor Arturo García Jiminez, M.D., also known simply as Doc, is a supporting character featured in Days Gone.

He is a physician serving in the Deschutes County Militia, holding the rank of captain.


Early life[]

Jiminez was born and raised in Mexico City before fleeing to the United States when he found himself on the losing side of a war between drug cartels.[1] He spent twenty years in Los Angeles's Eastside, working in a clinic for the poor. When the Freaker outbreak occurred, Jiminez was heartened to witness the city's gangs putting aside their differences and working together in fighting the Freakers. Eventually Los Angeles fell, Jiminez fled north and found his way to Oregon, where he joined the Militia and serving as its only doctor.

Events of Days Gone[]

When Deacon St. John joined the Militia, Jiminez conducted his examination in which he immediately saw through the drifter being more than he seems. He help treated Deacon's burnt arm that was inflicted by Carlos.

Doc Jiminez was unfortunately murdered by Private Wade Taylor, who slit his throat, when he caught Taylor stealing drugs from the infirmary. Jiminez's death made a deleterious impact on Garrett's psyche, leading him to moving all skilled personnel with R&D purpose to the Ark, including Weaver and Sarah, and eventually his so-called crusade against other survivor settlements.

Appearance and personality[]

Arturo is an Hispanic man in his late 40s. He is always seen wearing a white lab coat over a green shirt and camouflage cargo pants.

Doc Jiminez was perhaps one of the most nicest people at the camp Deacon will interact with- Jiminez is seen tending to many wounded and showing great passion when doing so. He even insists Deacon comes back once in awhile so he can check his maimed arm and monitor his health.



  • Arturo Jiminez was voiced by American actor Al Coronel in his first and, so far, only credited role as a voice actor.
  • His last name is a variation of the Spanish surname Jiménez, the 20th most common surname in Mexico.
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