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  Bad Way To Go Out is a mission in Days Gone.


Walk point through the infested Belknap Tunnel.


  • Walk Point Through the Tunnel
  • Burn the Freaker nest.
  • Get on the Bike.
  • Ride with Boozer to Crazy Willie's.


I Remember[]

Boozer's right, I am thinking about heading back up to where Sarah died. I can't let it go. He's also right about riding north, away from here, not look back. Maybe it's time.

Gear Up For The Ride[]

Boozer's right. Too many memories around here. It's time to ride north, get away from here. To do that, I'll have to do some runs for Copeland's Camp, and for Tucker at the Hot Springs.



  • Deacon burns 2 Freaker nests, but nest residue does not appear.
  • A car alarm in second car cannot be triggered by a shooting.
  • The time during the mission is 01:00pm and does not change, the number of "days gone" is 734. The weather changes from light rain to clear.