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Bears are one of the types of animals in Days Gone.


The bear is first encountered in the mission Lots of Sick People where the player has to defeat it before continuing to take Lisa to the Hot Springs encampment. Bears can be encountered anywhere after the mission is completed.

Attack Types[]

The bear has two different attack types:

  1. One attack type involves the bear charging towards the player with its mouth open and grappling the player with its teeth. The player must repeatedly press the prompted button to escape the grapple. If the executioner skill is unlocked, the player can quickly defeat the bear after escaping from the grapple.
  2. Another attack type involves the bear briefly moving upright and pouncing the player with its claws, dealing high damage.



Due to the bear's high health and its ability to deal high damage, it is not recommended to use melee weapons against it, so the best strategy is to take it down within range. An effective way to quickly take down a bear is to use a high-damage assault rifle while using focus; this can quickly take down the bear without taking damage. Another effective way is to use throwable weapons such as molotovs, pipe bombs, frag grenades, and so on, as these can deal significant damage to the bear.

Within LOSP mission[]

During the Lots of Sick People mission, the player can shoot barrels, gas cans, and oil tanks if the bear is close enough to either of them; this can help quickly defeat it more easily without taking damage.


  • Some bears can be seen having yellow eyes instead of normal eyes.
  • When killed, the bear waves its front paws before falling to the ground.
  • After the bear successfully pounces and deals damage to the player, it will stand upright and roar for a moment before changing into its normal four-legged state.