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  Better To Light One Candle is a mission in Days Gone.


Ride with Rikki to repair a broken transformer.


  • Ride with Rikki.
  • Clear the gas station of Freakers.
  • Help Rikki climb the power pole.
  • Protect Rikki.
  • Follow Rikki.


Earning Our Keep[]

Rikki's one step closer to getting power restored to the Lost Lake camp. Once that's done, I hope Iron Mike will see that we've done our part, me and Boozer. I'll help them seal the Metolius Cave, keep the Hordes out. Boozer's been working at the farm. That should be enough to pay back the camp, earn Boozer a place here.

Someone That I Used To Know[]

That tells you all about Rikki you need to know. "It's better to light one candle than curse the darkness." Yeah, she says stuff like that all the time. But she means it. She believes she can make a difference, that things can get better. She almost makes me believe it too.



  • The mission start time 4:00pm, the weather is clear.