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"Black Currant is a woody shrub containing berries rich in Vitamin C. The berries can be used for jams and syrups. Both the berries and leaves are known to have been used in herbal medicine."

General Information[]

Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Saxifragales
Family: Grossulariaceae
Scientific Name: Ribes Nigrum
Region: Cascade
Collectibles Entry: 2
Crafting Material: No
Similar Regional Plants: Wood Lily, King Bolete, Salmon Berry, Horn of Plenty, Wild Bergamot


While exploring Cascade, Black Currants are usually found near water, such as lakes and rivers.

Good locations to find and collect Black Currants are:


Since Black Currants can’t be used to make anything, the plant serves no purpose besides increasing Deacon’s trust level with camps.


  • Black Currants are one of 33 herbs players need to collect for the Herbology selection of the The Broken Roadshow achievement.