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Bleachers are albino Swarmers that are stronger and tougher.
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Bleachers are one of the types of freakers in Days Gone.


Bleachers appear much like swarmers but with whiter skin tones, sometimes having glistening shimmers of blood on its neck and chest. They are noted to have about 40% more body mass compared to a regular swarmer as a result of their mutation.

Bleachers have about 50% more health compared to regular Swarmers, requiring about 15 boot knife stabs to kill on Normal difficulty, compared to 10 stabs to kill a Swarmer. Their attacks also deal considerably more damage compared to a Swarmer.

Unlike swarmers, bleachers are always found shirtless, and come in either torn blue jeans or brown cargo shorts.

Attack Types[]

Much like the swarmer, the bleacher has two different attack types:

  1. One attack type involves the bleacher pouncing the player with its hands, sometimes using both hands repeatedly.
  2. Another attack type involves the bleacher opening its arms and grappling the player with its hands. With the escape artist skill, the player can quickly defeat the bleacher after escaping from the grapple.


Even though bleachers have more health than swarmers, they are still relatively easy to defeat. Having the strategy being the same, the player can repeatedly slash one bleacher with the Boot Knife a number of times until it falls to the ground. As for ranged strategies, bleachers take slightly more bullets than swarmers. If the player has the bull rush skill unlocked, quickly defeating small groups of bleachers by ramming, stunning, and stomping on them can make the strategy more effective.