• Linus Spacehead

    Alright, this is pretty much a subject I didn't want to initially bring up but in recent months this has honestly pissed me off big time. 

    Not many of you know Maroman or you have no idea who the hell he is.... Maroman is a former administrator here and by no means do I intend to cause any unnecessary drama, I'd just like to get a few things off my chest. Basically, the entire time he was active on this wiki he created completely irrelevant pages such as the entire development team, which I had warned him about yet he only continued to do so, after he had been active for a few days to maybe a week, I offered him rights as a Rollback, but it was pretty obvious that he wanted more as that entire time he was a Rollback, he did nothing but anta…

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  • Linus Spacehead

    E3 2017 Recap

    June 13, 2017 by Linus Spacehead

    Hello all!

    Just a couple of minutes ago at the Sony revealed brand new gameplay for Days Gone at their conference at E3. It revealed a new look of the story as well as introducing us to some new faces. Personally, I thought the trailer was absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to play it upon release.

    To put it short, as I'm absolutely terrible at writing blogs, this blog will basically serve as a thread to discuss everything seen at today's E3 conference.

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  • Linus Spacehead


    April 16, 2017 by Linus Spacehead

    This wiki needs administration and if I feel like you have worked hard enough editing articles on the Wiki, then maybe we can get some moderators here or a rollback here and there. So I'm just going to go over a few guidelines about becoming part of the administration team on the Days Gone Wiki.

    The people that can revert vandalism made to pages, these users can be spotted by their yellow nameglow and have the Rollback tag on their profile, in order to become a Rollback you must:

    • Have at least 25 edits
    • Have registered to the Wiki 14 days prior to promotion

    you must NOT:

    • Have been banned from chat in the past 6 months
    • Have a history of vandalizing the Wiki in the past

    Moderators are split into three different groups, Content, Discussion and Chat Moder…

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