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Boozer's Shotgun

Boozer's Shotgun is a weapon in Days Gone. It is used by both Boozer and Deacon St. John.


Boozer's shotgun has a good rate of fire and damage—real stopping power.

Boozer's shotgun is very effective in dealing with small groups of Freakers due to its high damage. The gun is also quite useful for clearing out Infestation zones. It is highly recommended for use against heavy freakers such as Breakers, as its stopping power can cause enemies to occasionally stumble.

The weapon is not suitable for going against a Horde, because of its slow rate of fire and low capacity.


Boozer's Shotgun is the first primary weapon to be obtained by Deacon. It is later given back to Boozer, before being unlocked upon 94% completion of the He's My Brother storyline.


  • It is modeled after the Mossberg 500 Cruiser, with a tactical strap handguard on the shotgun's slide.
  • When switching shoulder views, the ejection port appears on both sides of the gun
  • The player was originally given a choice whether to keep the gun or give it back. This was eventually scrapped from the game.