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Physical description
Gender Male

Breakers (Scientific Name: Homo Sapiens Mutans Corporosus) are large, strong, heavily mutated Freakers in Days Gone, capable of piercing military grade armour and taking extreme damage. One notable Breaker proves to be a particularly dangerous obstacle for Deacon St. John


Breakers are male Swarmers who grew in size far beyond that of normal infected. NERO scientists speculate that such phenomena may be the secondary result from multiple stages of mutation or a strange reaction to people who either took steroids or naturally possessed a large amount of testosterone before being infected.

Like most Freaker mutations, Breakers are hostile towards all other infected and will attack them on sight. They are easily capable of killing Swarmers and have been shown ripping their limbs off.

Due to their size and mutation, Breakers have heavily increased stamina and strength. Despite their size, a Breaker is capable of running nearly as fast as Deacon and is not easily avoidable. They are the most durable enemies in the game, able to withstand well over 100 rounds from most automatic weapons before falling.


Deacon goes into Ripper territory in order to obtain medical supplies from a crashed plane. Upon arrival, he finds a Breaker violently killing another male Swarmer, ripping off its arms and beating it to death with its own. The Breaker, having killed its prey, notices Deacon, and the two fight around the wreckage of the plane, culminating in the death of the Breaker and the retrieval of the medicine for Iron Mike's Camp. Later on, other Breakers begin to appear, especially around Crater Lake, creating even more dangerous situations for the survivors of the apocalypse.


If caught in close proximity by a Breaker, it will grapple Deacon and cause major damage, leaving little room to escape after. It is not recommended to face a Breaker in melee as they can launch Deacon back with a single hit, dealing big damage and leaving him vulnerable for a grapple or follow-up attack. Despite their hulking size, Breakers are actually fast enough to catch up to Deacon (unlike Swarmers) and can climb structures, making escape a difficult option once spotted without using distractions like flashbangs and smoke bombs.

Breakers take substantial damage from explosions and headshots, and will shrug off molotov damage whilst on fire. They can also resist flinching from melee hits and ballistics. However, heavier weapons like axes and sledgehammers can stagger them and strong enough guns can slow it down, such as shotguns and sniper rifles. However, once a Breaker starts charging, it will be nigh-immune to knockback from everything except explosions. The seemingly best way to take down a Breaker is from a ranged, concealed position with a barrage of explosives, followed by numerous headshots, and fleeing once it begins to approach, alternating cover and repeating said attack until it falls dead.

Breakers can be killed with a singlehead shot with a high enough calibre weapon.