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  Bugged The Hell Out is a mission in Days Gone.


Search the NERO MMU for sterile bandages for Boozer.


  • Ride to the NERO checkpoint.
  • Search the NERO medical unit.
  • Restore Power to the NERO mobile medical unit.
  • Find Fuel for the generator.
  • Start the generator.
  • Locate sterile bandages.
  • Take sterile bandages to Boozer.


He's My Brother[]

I found sterile bandages for Boozer's arm. I hope it's enough. His arm is bad, third degree burns. He can barely sit up. No way he can ride. Not anytime soon.

Finding NERO[]

As the pandemic spread, NERO set up checkpoints like these all over the country, thinking they could check for infection, force folks into quarantine. Yeah, that didn't work out so well. Wasn't long before these checkpoints were all overrun and all we got out of it was more checkpoints with cars backed up for miles. Nice job.

World's End[]

A NERO checkpoint is overrun. Log Note: this was the seventeenth NERO checkpoint to be overrun in a period of less than six hours. Command is still investigating how the chain of communication failed so miserably.


  • 3,000 XP