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They look pretty broken to me Cope, but hey, whatever you say. And nothing wrong with a little crass commercialism. Hell — I could use a new bike, right about now.

Built To Last is the fifteenth radio segment of Radio Free Oregon.


Copeland's Radio Free Oregon broadcast about commercialism and the hardworking American.


Broke another Goddamn razor this morning. In our supposed global utopia, instead of getting the best products from around the world, we got the shittiest cheap foreign labor could churn out. Everything in the last fifty years was built to break, so that you could buy once, buy again, buy buy buy. You always had to get the new car, the new phone, the new this and that, all to feed the beast of crass commercialism. You want something built to last? You couldn't go overseas, nope. You need real, hardworking Americans at the helm. When we build somethin', it'll stand the test of time. And the same hands that built this country? They'll withstand anything this new world throws at us. Our roads bend, friends, but they do not break. And neither will we.