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Yeah, Cope? How'd that work out for the poor bastards who owned the one that I just cleared out? Huh? Not so good, I'm guessing, since they were all dead long before I ever got there.

Bunker Down is the eighth radio segment of Radio Free Oregon.


Copeland's Radio Free Oregon broadcast about bunkers.


Many of you probably don't remember the Cold War, but living through it was a special kind of hell. Every time you heard a plane flyin' overhead, you'd think for sure this is it, that's the one coming to drop the big one on us. And we lived through the Red Scare. A man didn't know if his neighbor was an American who bled red, white, and blue, or a Communist, red to the bone. Made it hard to trust. My father — God rest him — taught me the only way to be safe in dark times was to go underground. Built my first bunker with him. But we couldn't build it out in the backyard, with the neighbors spyin'. Had to go out into the woods, a ways from the road, where no one would happen upon it. With a bunker, you knew that if the country went to hell in a handbasket, you could open that manhole cover, climb down the ladder, and you'd be safe — with your radio, and your hoard of food and ammo. Things haven't changed. Better to dig a bunker, than an early grave.