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Camp Adair - "The War Games" is a historical marker collectible in Days Gone.


Historical Marker found near the Cloudcap Overlook in the Crater Lake Wilderness.


Camp Adair was a United States Army division military training facility. During its highest period of use, it was home to nearly 40,000 people, making it the second largest city in Oregon at the time. The camp was eventually scrapped following World War II, with a portion of the site converted to the Adair Air Force Station in 1957.

Camp Adair is most famous for its Central Oregon war-games Campaign for World War II soldiers in 1943, known as Operation Maneuver. The games were designed to test US Army units prior to deployment, and involved nearly 100,000 men. Following the completion of the Maneuver, the troops were deployed to assist Allied Forces in the European and Pacific theatres of war.

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