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  Can I Ask You Something? is a mission in Days Gone.


Ride with Sarah to the Chemult Community College.



I'm Never Giving Up[]

Sarah finally asked about Boozer, about what happened to him. The last time she saw him was on that rooftop in Farewell, the night I put her on that NERO chopper. They used to be so close, Sarah and Boozer. He was the only one who came to our wedding. Sarah must have a lot on her mind, not asking about him until now.

An Officer And A Gentleman[]

So that's how Kouri got my Mongrels ring. The Militia took Sarah's jewelry when she was sworn up, just like me. And Kouri took it from the pile later on. He has good taste, didn't want to see it melted down. Like I told Sarah, I don't care, we have bigger things to worry about. But yeah, I want it back. And I still have to figure out who Kouri is.