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Chemult is an unincorporated community in Klamath County, Oregon, on U.S. Route 97 near the drainage divide between the Klamath and Columbia Rivers. The south side of the railroad tracks has a cafe, truck stop, auto shop, and a ranch supply store. North of the railroad tracks is a gas station, motel, and a restaurant. A burnt sedan surrounded by a firetruck, ambulance, and three police SUVs can be found in the parking lot of the restaurant, making it a good place to find ammo and a first aid kit. Along the railroad tracks running through the town is the Chemult Station. A derailed freight train used by NERO to transport bodies is located in the Chemult Station, causing a horde to reside in and around the box cars of the train. U.S. Route 97 is obstructed by a bridge outage north of town over what is presumably intended to be the Williamson River based on it running through the Klamath Marsh to the south. The Deschutes County Militia was responsible for intentionally destroying and obstructing several highways via destruction of bridges and intentionally causing landslides in an attempt to prevent the migration of freakers. For this reason it is likely that the bridge was destroyed by the militia to further this goal. Mechanically, the bridge outage serves as a barrier to prevent the player from leaving the game world. In reality there is no bridge or river beyond the overpass crossing the railroad tracks.



  • The Days Gone portrayal of Chemult is almost identical as to what it currently looks like in real life.
    Chemult real life