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Chemult community college

Chemult Community College main entrance

Chemult Community College is a location in Days Gone.


Chemult Community College is the largest additional location in the region of Highway 97. Unfortunately, Deacon cannot enter the school grounds as the entire campus is heavily fortified and remains so until the story mission So Many of Them. This task involves visiting the campus in search of important equipment. After completing this mission, the campus remains open and can be entered at leisure.

It is worth noting that at the campus there is also an Infestation and NERO Checkpoint. Also, in this phase of the campaign, a Horde of Freakers will appear in this area, so great caution is recommended.

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  • Sarah once gave a lecture at the college before the Freaker apocalypse.
  • The names of the deceased students written on the whiteboard are the names of all the developers.[1]

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