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An informational flyer about Chemult Community College's Green Week, found on Highway 97.


April is CCC's Green Month
Lectures, Workshops, Tours, Films, Talks, and Demonstrations with Weekly Goals and Prizes will help us celebrate our Earth and how we can help it!

Week 1
Let's Get Green!
Lectures — Climate Change and What We Can Do!
Demonstrations — Climate Change and How it Affects Us
Film — Our World is Melting — Climate Change & the Fate of Earth
Goal: Kick off Green month by Attending a Green Week Demonstration (All Week)

Week 2
Energy, Transpiration, and Vehicles
Lecture — Why Biking Can Help You and the Earth — Dana from Chemult Cyclery
Lecture — How Cars Affect the Earth
Film — Saving the World, One Pedal at a Time
Workshop — Limiting Your Driving Time
Tour — Chemult Transportation Complex & Chemult Cyclery
Goal: Go Green! Take the City Bus for a Week, Walk, or Ride a Bike

Week 3
Water, Waste, and Preservation
Talks — Preserving Water and How it Helps
Film — Recycle, Please! How Trash and Garbage Dumps Effect our Environment
Tour — Local Waste Refinery
Tour — Bottled Water Factory & Recycle Center
Workshop — How Can We Recycle Better?
Goal: Limit Waste to One Garbage Bag and Bring Your Recyclables to the Recycle Center!

Week 4
Our Natural Parks, Our Beautiful World
Lecture — How Nature Preservation Helps Our Community
Film — Out National Parks, the Story of America
Tour — Crater Lake National Park with Ranger Steve
Goal: Collect Pictures from Hiking Trails Around the Area. See the wonders of Central Oregon!

Pick up a Green Month Goal Card at the Student Council Office. Collect all the stamps for campus discounts and a change to win some amazing prizes!

Join us for the Central Oregon Community College Earth Day Festival on April 22nd!