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Chicago chopper

The Chicago Chopper is a Primary Weapon in Days Gone.


With a fast fire rate and a huge ammo capacity this gun can take a lot of enemies down. Better at close range.

Condition: Level 4 (Military Spec)
Damage: 5 (Average)
Range: 9 (Very High)
Accuracy: 8 (High)
Rate of Fire: 10 (Maximum)
Penetration: 4 (Average)
Stopping Power: 2 (Low)
Magazine: 55-round drum magazine (80-round extended drum magazine)
Maximum Ammunition Capacity: 165 rounds (3 magazines); 275 rounds with Up the Ante skill.
Cost: 3000 credits.


Found at Wizard Island camp, it unlocks at Trust Level 2. The extended magazine unlocks for sale at Trust level 3.


  • It is based off the M1928 Thompson SMG (A.K.A Tommy Gun)