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Yeah — Cope — I'm feeling the pain — who fucking isn't. Uh, fucking Jessie "Carlos" Williamson. Rest In Peace.

Cleanse Our Minds is the seventeenth radio segment of Radio Free Oregon.


Copeland's Radio Free Oregon broadcast about the freedom of sobriety.


Let me tell you — before this shit? We were numb and we were dumb. We were blindly taking in opiates of all kinds, keeping us sedated like fat, happy cows: candy, television, booze, heroin. And it worked. But now, well — We're feelin' the pain, all of it. Every cut. We are wide awake and we are watching. You see the truth of what I been saying from the beginning. No one can get anything past us. We're the ones running the show now, and we're doing it a damn sight better than the Feds ever did. Take a deep breath and hold it in. You're a free men. No one can take that from you again.