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  Clear Out Those Nests is a mission in Days Gone.



  • Clear the Logging Camp Infestation Zone.


  • 3,000 XP
  • 1600 Trust - Copeland's Camp


He's My Brother[]

Finally cleared out that nesting site down in the logging camp at the foot of O'Leary Mountain. Should mean a few less Freaks up by the safe house. Hopefully Boozer's arm is better soon and we can ride north, get away from here.

Infestation Exterminator[]

You know, the first few months we were out here we never saw a single nest. I don't even remember when they started showing up, in old buildings, tunnels, shacks. No idea why the Freaks make them, or what they do in them. Sleep, maybe. All I know is they build them out of sticks, rags, trash. And that shit burns up good. Real good. Boozer can sleep a little easier tonight.