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Cloverdale Research was a company that did scientific research prior to the events of Days Gone. Cloverdale was presumably a large company, as it had government funding and contracts. It had at least two locations: one in Iron Butte - which employed Sarah Whitaker as a researcher and James Moore as a security guard - and one in Farewell[1]. Sarah's research for Cloverdale focused on botany and plant-based remedies, but Cloverdale's Iron Butte facility also focused on bioweapons for the government.

Events before Days Gone[]

Sometime before the outbreak, Cloverdale's Iron Butte facility was developing a bioweapon for the federal government, of which an intern, David Gorman became suspicious of. Sarah also noticed that something was off, as her clearance to specific areas was revoked. David stole a sample from a classified area of the lab and escaped. Presumably, this was not gone unnoticed, as police were called to the Iron Butte facility to investigate.[2]

The night of the outbreak, before Sarah got stabbed, she visited Cloverdale's Farewell facility in search of David, but found out that he had already been gone for two weeks to a Green Expo in Portland in search of a reporter, but had inadvertently exposed everyone to Cloverdale's bioweapon - the Freaker Virus. Sarah concluded that Cloverdale had used Sarah and her research as a bioweapon, thus causing the pandemic.

Events of Days Gone[]

Despite the outbreak, Cloverdale's Iron Butte facility still had working power; Sarah specifically points out its rooftop solar panels, but also mentions rumors of an on-site nuclear power plant. This power meant that the electric fence bordering the perimeter was still working, including the security systems, as well as the sprinkler systems watering the surrounding crops and plants.[3]. James spent the past two years in the absolute safety of the facility, along with the rest of the security staff. However, they refused to admit outsiders, even the families of staff; everyone who disagreed with this policy was killed. Said staff attacked Deacon and Sarah when they enter the grounds, and all of them died in the ensuing firefight. After Deacon secures the facility, he contacted Boozer and Lost Lake camp about its presence and the food that is there.[4]