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Cloverdale research iron butte facility

Cloverdale Research Iron Butte Facility is a location in Days Gone.


Cloverdale was a research lab from a private company. They worked in genetical manipulation, mainly of plants. But they also created at least a virus, the Freaker Virus. When an employee stole it, accidentally caused the Freaker outbreak.

After the outbreak, some employees attempted to escape, to bring their families there, but James Moore executed them and, along with the other security guards, began residing there in total isolation. About two years later, when Deacon St. John and former employee Sarah Whitaker entered, searching for a piece of equipment, the guards attacked them, forcing Deacon and Sarah to kill them all.

The place was abandoned later, though it is implied than it was used as breadbasket by nearby communities, like Lost Lake.

Place Description[]

Cloverdale was a high-security location, surrounded by electrified fences and jealously watched by high numbers of security guards, and with an IA, Artificial Intelligence, watching the place. Inside the fences there were a parking of employees and three different buildings watched by security cameras. Automated corn crops grow alone, and the energy was obtained by solar cells into the roof.



  • Upon logging in to open the gate, Sarah's last login is stated to be 751 days ago regardless of how many days have passed in the game itself.