Copeland's Camp

Copeland's Camp.jpg

Copeland's Camp is one of the locations in Days Gone.


Situated on Peaceful Lake in the Cascade wilderness, Mark Copeland's Encampment is founded on a strong belief in individual freedom.


  • Bounties
  • Kitchen
  • Mechanic
  • Merchant



  • The merchant in Copeland's Camp doesn't sell any weapons but he offers ammunition, suppressors and consumables.
  • After arriving at Copeland's Camp for the first time, Manny, the mechanics, provides you with a new bike. The bike, however, is made out of the weakest components meaning that you will have to upgrade it. The most important component is Nitrous I. Thanks to this boost, you will be able to jump over small chasms and reach helicopter wrecks and other seemingly inaccessible places. You can also get Saddlebags I to transport ammunition. Thanks to this upgrade, you will be able to refill your ammo supplies.
  • Both upgrades require you to reach Trust level 2 in Copeland's Camp.


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