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Crazy Willie's is a location in Days Gone.

It is located in the Belknap region, just beyond the Belknap Tunnel.



Crazy Willie's Infestation[]

Crazy Willie's was a motel that provides auto repair and has a convenience store that sells roadside trinkets. According to Deacon St. John, it was an open secret that the motel was running a brothel. The Mongrel Motorcycle Club would come to Crazy Willie's on their "road trips." Deacon and Boozer were the only MC members who never partook due to their already established relationships with Sarah and Joany, respectively.

Related missions[]

Related trophies[]

Icon Name Description Trophy
Just a Flesh Wound Just a Flesh Wound Get out of Crazy Willie's Bronze


  • The gas prices at Crazy Willie's are 3.39 (9/10) for both Regular and Diesel fuel.