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Criers are ravens that have been infected by the Freaker Virus.


Criers are infected raven that dwell in the southern part of Deschutes County, Oregon. They live in nests that are mostly on trees and sometimes along power line transformers. The can be an irritating enemy due to their tendency to sneak up on Deacon and fly erratically in a way that makes it difficult to aim at them. When spotting Deacon, they will let out a shriek and dive at Deacon.


Using a shotgun with high capacity shots is recommended, as its spread makes it more likely to hit Criers. When a Crier attacks, it will give out a warning shriek. If not dodged in time it will result in damage. The best way to take out Criers is destroying their nests and then the Criers, as they will endlessy respawn from their nests. The best strategy to take out a Crier is to use Focus when a Crier is about to attack. A well-placed round from a shotgun or any other firearm is guaranteed to kill it.


  • Uninfected ravens or crows can be seen as well. Their presence is a warning that danger is nearby, often in the form of Hordes.