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The Crowdbreaker in the gear viewer.

The Crowdbreaker is a primary weapon in Days Gone. It is an unusual "bullpup frame" shotgun which has two barrels, twin tubular magazines and a foregrip pump-action. The weapon can fire both barrels at once, each feeding from its own magazine.


DaysGone Crowdbreaker inv iconstats

Ditto, with stats included.

"A double-barreled shotgun with huge ammo capacity make this the go-to weapon for closer encounters." - In-game description.

Condition: Level 4 (Military Spec).
Damage: 7 (High)
Range: 9 (Very High)
Accuracy: 1 (Very Low)
Rate of Fire: 2 (Low)
Penetration: 4 (Average)
Stopping Power: 3 (Below Average)
Magazine: 16 shells (twin 8-shell tubular magazines)
Cost: 3000 credits.


It is available from Blair, the Lost Lake gun merchant, and is unlocked at Trust level 2.


  • The Crowdbreaker is based on the Standard Manufacturing DP-12. The only difference is that the DP-12 holds 14 rather than 16 shells.