Crystal Adkins is one of the characters in Days Gone.



Prior to the apocalypse, Crystal was incarcerated, likely for murder.


Two years after the end of society, Crystal is free of prison, probably having escaped in the early days of the Freaker outbreak judging by her still wearing her orange prison jumpsuit. Deacon and Captain Kouri first encounter her as a prisoner of Vasquez, an MIA militiaman that Kouri has been looking for, and a group of marauders at the Booker-Hicks Logging Camp. Deacon, taking issue with the harming of unarmed women, kills the marauders and upon entering the building Vasquez had retreated into with her, he finds Crystal savagely stabbing Vasquez in the groin. He attempts to reason with her, but she threatens him and runs away.

She was apparently taken into custody by the Deschutes County Militia not long afterward, but is far less enthused about being conscripted, laughing at and showing open contempt toward Colonel Garret during the swearing in ceremony. Garret, however, notes her prison tattoos and declares her unfit to serve, then orders her sent to the work camp.

Sometime later, she escapes from the work camp and flees north. Garret orders Deacon to find and bring her back and he does so, locating her tied up by a group of marauders in the same place he first met her. After killing the marauders, Deacon unties Crystal and demands her rings as proof of the bounty. Crystal initially refuses, but begrudgingly relents after he tells her that he either takes the rings and lets her live or kills her and takes them.

After this, Crystal leaves and is never seen again.



  • Crystal has four teardrop tattoos under her left eye. In prison terms, teardrop tattoos under the left eye typically represent the number of victims that the prisoner has murdered.
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