Days Gone Wiki
Biographical information
Full name Crystal Adkins
Profession Convicted felon (formerly)
Affiliations Deschutes County Militia (formerly)
Matthew Garret (formerly)
Derrick Kouri (formerly)
Deacon St. John
Location Wizard Island, Oregon, United States
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
In-game information
Appears in Days Gone
Voiced by Morla Gorrondona

Crystal Adkins is a minor character featured in Days Gone.

She is a former convicted felon who is eventually conscripted into the Deschutes County Militia. She is first encountered during the Don't Give Me Orders storyline. She is later a bounty target during Take Back What's Mine.


Early life[]

Little is known of Crystal's early life. For unknown reasons, she spent time in prison and appears to have been incarcerated in 2017 when the outbreak occurred, due to the fact that she is seen to be still wearing her prison jumpsuit nearly two years later. Tattoos on Crystal's face suggest she may have been incarcerated for murder, or several murders. Following the outbreak in 2017, she managed to survive on her own for the next two years.

Events of Days Gone[]

In 2019, Deacon St. John and Captain Derrick Kouri encounter her as a prisoner of Vasquez, an AWOL member of the Deschutes County Militia, and a group of marauders at the Booker-Hicks Logging Camp. Deacon, taking issue with the harming of unarmed women, kills the marauders and enters the building where she is being held, only to find Crystal savagely stabbing Vasquez in the groin. Deacon attempts to calm her down, but she threatens him and runs away.

She was apparently taken into custody by the Deschutes County Militia not long afterward, but is far less enthused about being conscripted; she laughs at and shows open contempt toward Colonel Matthew Garret during the swearing in ceremony. Garret, however, notes her prison tattoos and declares her unfit to serve, then orders her sent to the work camp.

Sometime later, she bribes a guard and steals back her jewelry which was confiscated during the swearing-in ceremony, then escapes from Wizard Island on a militia bike and flees north. Garret orders Deacon to find and bring her back and he does so, locating her tied up by a group of marauders in the same place he first met her. After killing the marauders, Deacon unties Crystal, but refuses to kill or capture her, as he had been ordered; instead, he demands her rings as proof of the bounty. Crystal initially refuses, but begrudgingly relents after he tells her that he either takes the rings and lets her live or kills her and takes them anyway.

After this, Crystal leaves and is never seen again.



  • Crystal has four teardrop tattoos under her left eye; in American prison culture, teardrop tattoos under the left eye typically represent the number of victims that the prisoner has murdered.
  • For unknown reasons (possibly a bug), Deacon gets no briefing from Garret when tasked with hunting her down. Her location will automatically show up on the map immediately after Deacon receives a radio call telling him to return to Wizard Island.
    • This can be circumvented by opening up the map immediately following Garret's radio call and the Mission Unlocked message appearing in the upper left corner of the screen and selecting the mission marker at Garret's location. Deacon can then return to Wizard Island and hear the details of Crystal's escape.
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