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Gender Male
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David Gorman is a major character unseen while only mentioned during the events of Days Gone. Gorman was a Research Intern at Cloverdale Research Iron Butte Facility and was unintentionally responsible for the Freaker outbreak. 


At some point before the outbreak, David got a job as a Research Intern at the Cloverdale Research Iron Butte Facility, where he grew suspicious of the company's research, leading to his accurate belief that Cloverdale was creating a bioweapon behind closed doors for the government. David shared his suspicions with his co-worker Sarah Whitaker, who didn't believe him at the time.[1]

To take matters into his own hands, Gorman took a sample of the virus and attempted to expose Cloverdale's project at an environmental convention in Portland. Gorman, however, as Sarah later uncovered, accidentally broke a virus container, unknowingly infected himself with the virus. He must have become the "Zero Patient", and spread the virus to the other attendees, causing a superspreader event and consequently leading to the collapse of human civilization. It is most likely that David had either died from the infection or became a Freaker himself.[1]


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