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Sarah lab note 1

Deacon's Alive??? is the first of Sarah's Lab Notes. It is automatically rewarded in A War We Can Win.


Sarah can't believe Deacon is still alive — and that he's here.


Lab note two zero six. Captain Kouri brought in a new batch of recruits today. Matt seemed - oh - I don't know - it doesn't matter. I've been so focused - and now -

Deacon - he's alive. I mean, he's alive. He's alive. I remembered getting out of surgery and - I was so confused - I - I didn't know where I was. I - I thought I was at this camp, that, um - that camp in - Belknap, or - whatever the hell they were taking me - NERO - during the evacuation - I remember asking him, like, where's Deacon? Where is he, Goddammit.

At first, they wouldn't even tell me. I ripped out my IV and - and later, I woke up again and then they told me. That the camp - that refugee camp - where Deacon was waiting - was overrun. And everyone was killed. Everyone was dead. Everyone.

And now he's here. How - how can he be here? He - no - Goddammit. Come on, Sarah. Where was I? I was going to make a note about, um - about, uh - what was it? The - the mutation. Oh, dammit, I have got to focus. I have to get back to work.