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Deacon St. John is the main protagonist of Days Gone.

Deacon lives on the trying to survive in the Freaker infested landscape of the Pacific Northwest. He takes work as a bounty hunter/mercenary in exchange for supplies.


Deacon was patched into the Mongrels MC at an unknown point, becoming an Enforcer for the mother charter in Farewell, though he also spent time as a nomad.

Deacon was involved in a relationship with a young blonde woman, who apparently died during the apocalypse.

Deacon is one of the few humans left alive after the freaker outbreak. He took up work as a mercenary and bounty hunter in the aftermath of the apocalypse.


Deacon is described as being "broken" having lost much since the outbreak. Deacon still wears his kutte as it reminds him of the times when he lived by a code, and of brotherhood and comradery, he felt with his club and the sense of belonging he once had.

Deacon doesn't seem to do well taking orders, as he seems very easy to brush off the concerns of a settlement leader who asked him for help.

Deacon is far from heartless, he went to save Manny in from a group of bandits, partially through self-interest as Manny was the only mechanic around.

Appearance & Attire

Deacon is a tall, muscular, Caucasian male. He has brown eyes and black hair, which he wears in a long shaggy style, however, before the apocalypse he kept it short. Deacon also wears several rings and has many tattoos, most notably are the cross on his chest, and the name "Sarah" on the right side of his neck.

Deacon wears a white long sleeve t-shirt under an orange hood, which he cut the sleeves short. He wears blue jeans and brown combat boots. He also has a fitted, black baseball cap, which he wears backward.

Deacon's most notable item of clothing is his kutte, which is adorned with patches that indicate his status as a biker. His patches are:

  • Mongrels MC colors: Indicates Deacon's affiliation. Located on the back of his cut. The top rocker indicates club's name, the center is the club's logo, the small MC its status as a Motorcycle Club, and the bottom rocker the territory claimed by the club.
  • Farewell Original: the bottom rocker indicates the chapter of the MC he patched into. Located on the back of his cut, at the bottom.
  • Nomad: Indicates that Deacon is not bound to the territory he patched into, or possibly that he switched to the Nomad Chapter of his MC. Locates on the right side of his cut.
  • Enforcer: Indicates Deacon's rank. Located above the right breast pocket. (Also seen with the 'Road Captain' patch instead of 'Enforcer'. It will be a higher rank).
  • 1%: Indicates Deacon's status as an outlaw. Located above left breast pocket.
  • Biker: Indicates Deacon's status as a biker. Located above Road Captain patch.
  • F.T.W:  Acronym for 'Fuck the World', Located on the hem. Also could mean 'Forever Two Wheels'. 
  • Cross: Designates that he's lost someone close to him, located below left breast pocket. 


Motorcyclist: Deacon is a very skilled motorcyclist, having been the road captain of a motorcycle club prior to the apocalypse, it is evident that he is very good with a bike.

Hand to Hand Combat: Deacon is more than capable of fighting off multiple foes, either with a weapon or with his bare hands.

Marksmanship: Deacon is a competent marksman, being able to hold off swarms of Freakers with an assault rifle.

Stealth: Deacon's time surviving in the aftermath of the apocalypse has given him a keen sense of stealth, and is more than capable of avoiding detection.

Equipment & Weapons

MotorcycleDeacon's motorcycle serves as his primary mode of transportation, it is heavily customized for on and offroad use 

Binoculars: Deacon has a set of binoculars to scout the wilderness. 

Knife: Deacon keeps a knife tucked into his boot at all times, useful for dispatching foes or cutting ropes.

Pistol: Deacon carries a pistol with him at all times. 

Assault Rifle: Deacon can carry different assault rifles, such as what appears to be an AK-47 or an M4 style carbine. 

Crossbow: Deacon can be equipped with a crossbow.  

Improvised Explosives: Deacon carries a variety of handcrafted explosives such as Molotov Cocktails and Proximity bombs.   



  • In the original trailer/gameplay demo, Deacon's kutte bore a patch that identified him as a "Road Captain" for him MC. This was later changed to "Enforcer."