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Physical description
Gender Male
In-game information
Voiced by Phil Morris

Derrick Kouri, also referred to as Captain Kouri is a main character in Days Gone. Originally a member of the United States Air Force, he is now a survivor of the Freaker outbreak.

He is the captain of Diamond Lake outpost of the Deschutes County Militia and served as second-in-command to Colonel Matthew Garret.


Background & Early Life[]

Derrick was born in the early 1970s and grew up in the western United States, although very little is known about his early life. As an adult, he enlisted in the United States Air Force and became a member of Strategic Air Command which he served for over a decade.

He later met a woman named Karie who he fell in love with and was married to for 12 years, having two daughters.

During the beginning of the outbreak, Kouri was on vacation in the west coast and managed to receive hourly reports from across the country before SATCOM (satellite communications) went down. He was stationed in the Silver Lake refugee camp until it was overrun, and Kouri escaped with few survivors before joining the Deschutes County Militia.

Events of Days Gone[]

After Deacon saves two militia soldiers from a Rager Bear, one of them takes him to Kouri at their outpost. After being introduced, Deacon notices that Kouri has his Mongrels ring that he gave to Sarah the last time he saw her. However, Deacon says nothing about this and remains friendly towards the captain. Deacon says that he is hoping to join the militia, which is noticeably lacking in well-disciplined soldiers. 

Kouri is very impressed with Deacon's abilities and tasks him with helping him track down an AWOL soldier, Vasquez. Deacon impresses Kouri with his tracking skills, in addition to recognizing Deacon as a veteran. He gives Deacon an immediate recommendation to Colonel Garret for Deacon's service. The two ride over to Crater Lake, where Garret's main forces are set up. He shares with Deacon some personal memories, which Deacon does not return. Kouri then takes him down to the base to be sworn into the militia, along with private Wade Taylor, also recruited by Kouri.

Kouri was always respectful with St. John, though he never fully trusted him when he talked about his wife.

After recruit Wade Taylor murdered doctor Arturo Jiminez, St. John was tasked to find him and capture him to be hanged, and Koursi searched him too. Deacon found him first, holed up in a Ski Lodge in Highway 97. St John gave Taylor a more merciful death than Garret would have given by overdosing him rather than hanging him. Kouri, which arrived right then, either did not realise or dismissed his suspicion that St John had given Taylor a mercy kill. In fact, he ordered Deacon to help him to burn Taylor's body, saying than no matter what he had done, it still was one of his people, and the militia never abandons his own.

Later, they then recovered most of the drugs Taylor stole, then gave them to Garret. Garret thoroughly disciplined Kouri for failing to realise that Taylor had an addiction.

After the Colonel ordered Deacon executed, he and at least three of his men stole St.John's posessions and rescued him, bringing him outside the base. When Deacon awakened, Kouri freed him and, when asked why he had saved him, the captain confessed than he knew St.John's secret, than his wife was the lieutenant Whitaker. For him, the colonel has become mad, and he and his people wanted to go to the East. Kouri, after returning John's former ring to him, offered him a place, but Deacon refused. Right before Kouri and his group departed, St.John said him than he wouldn't have hated the army if he had a superior like Kouri. Both shook hands before Kouri and his people departed.

Kouri didn't reappear more in game, though after the militia's dissolution, he was mentioned in his base by some of his former subordinates which said to miss him.

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  • How Kouri came to possess Deacon's Mongrels ring is unknown. However, Sarah later said to Deacon than, as all new recruits on the Militia, all her jewelry was confiscated, so Kouri may have take it from a storage and took it for himself pulling rank.
  • Strategic Air Command was disestablished in 1992, over a decade before Kouri joined the US Air Force. It's possible the developers confused SAC for its successor, Air Force Global Strike Command.
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