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The Deschutes County Militia, also known as DCM, is an antagonistic faction in Days Gone.

Founded by Colonel Matthew Garret in the early days of the apocalypse, the Militia's goal is to eradicate the Freakers and reclaim human civilization. Their main base of operations is located on Wizard Island in the Crater Lake region.


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Militiamen listening to the Colonel.

Owing to the lack of proper industrial facilities, Militiamen were often granted leeway in terms of uniform. Ranks were exclusively distinguished via red armbands. Aside from a major munitions facility and work camps in Wizard Island and Diamond Lake, the Militia utilized extensive weapons, equipment, and vehicles left behind by the Oregon National Guard and NERO.

As attacks by both Freakers and Marauders increased and casualties mounted, the Militia began implementing a literal 'scorched earth' tactic. Effectively blinded by the sheer number of trees surrounding their two major encampments, the Militia began an extensive campaign of deforestation within the surrounding area, eventually allowing for scouts and guards to gain a greater range of sight for warnings against Freaker hordes or roaming Marauders. Additionally, as groups of Freakers began occasionally encroaching upon Militia territory, the DCM began burning down any and all buildings to prevent Freakers from setting up nests and dwellings. Scouts were similarly frequently encouraged to locate NERO mass grave sites and destroy them to deter Hordes.

Relying upon conscription to project force and maintain order throughout southern Oregon, the DCM's true numbers often remained unknown, despite the insistence from Colonel Garret claiming "hundreds" of soldiers and laborers stationed at their main base of operations on Wizard Island. Many of the conscripted are considered "enlisted" personnel, and despite the DCM's leadership claiming otherwise, promotion is extremely rare, with most personnel retaining the rank they acquired following their enlistment into the Militia. Despite this "unofficial policy," survivors with former military experience could be expected to attain a slightly higher rank compared to their civilian compatriots, as was the case with Deacon St. John, who had served with the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division. As with the U.S. Military, fraternization between officers and enlisted personnel is prohibited, but indiscretions between officers, however, were quietly tolerated by senior leadership.

As the Militia relies upon a heavy stream of survivors to maintain and reinforce their manpower, Colonel Garret has authorized the conscription of any and every survivor encountered, regardless of military experience. Those with a criminal record, however, are declared "unfit to serve" and forced to work duty. Any soldier or officer found guilty of any transgression regardless of severity is sentenced to be hung.

These difficult conditions, compounded with a perceived lack of progress from senior leadership led to many soldiers to go AWOL. Upon further investigation by Corporal Deacon St. John, it was revealed that many soldiers within the Militia rejected Colonel Garret's vision for the future, with many simply hoping to survive with food and shelter the Militia provides.


As the Freaker hordes arrived in Oregon, self-proclaimed colonel Matthew Garret became disillusioned with NERO's response to the outbreak. Gathering other like-minded civilians throughout Oregon, Garret established the Deschutes County Militia. With little equipment and resources, the Militia began launching raids against NERO research sites, capturing scores of equipment and forcibly conscripting people into the Militia. Despite seeking to eliminate the Freakers, the Militia's attacks proved disastrous for NERO's response to the Freakers hordes, as their attacks often hampered NERO's operations within the region. As NERO forces began withdrawing from Oregon, the Militia began expanding its influence throughout southern Oregon, with one witness, Lisa Jackson claiming to have seen them going so far as Marion Forks, looting houses and confiscating all civilian weaponry.

The Rise of the Militia[]

Over the course of two years, the Militia slowly grew in strength through the forcible conscription of survivors that arrived in southern Oregon. Sometime during this period, Garret recruited former Air Force captain Derrick Kouri and assigned him with the creation of a Forward Operating Base at nearby Diamond Lake. As other survivors such as physician Arturo Jimenez and scientist James Weaver joined the Militia, their skills proved vital in boosting local Militia operations, with Dr. Jimenez personally assigned by Colonel Garret to Wizard Island and Weaver assigned to increasing Militia firepower against the Freaker Hordes.

Determining that the Freakers posed an existential threat to humanity, Garret ordered the creation of the Ark, with the goal of preserving human knowledge for the rebuilding of the United States.

Militia's Decline[]

Corporal St. John, report to command, STAT. There's been an incident.
Militia Captain Derrick Kouri to Corporal Deacon St. John, instructing him to report to the infirmary.

Dr. Jiminez was accidentally murdered by Wade Taylor during an attempt to get painkillers for his addiction after losing his ear to a gang of Marauders several weeks previously. Taylor then took off with the drugs and a bike before anyone knew what had happened. After Militia personnel discovered the body of Jimenez, Kouri and St. John took off to find Taylor.

St. John found Taylor first, holed up in a Ski Lodge in Highway 97, accompanied by a large gang of Marauders. Taylor expressed extreme remorse for killing Jimenez, and St John gave Taylor a more merciful death than Garret would have given by overdosing him rather than hanging him. Kouri either did not realize or dismissed his suspicion of the action. They then recovered most of the drugs Taylor stole and returned them to Garret. Garret thoroughly disciplined Kouri for failing to realize that Taylor was an addict.

Garret grew unhinged by the loss of the Militia's only experienced physician and had every scientist and engineer secured in the ark, disillusioning Lieutenants Weaver and Whitaker.

Ultimately, the Militia was given a new goal of wiping out other survivors who are not part of the Militia as Colonel Garret had deemed them a greater threat to the Militia and humanity than the Freakers. The Militia's so-called "crusade" alienated some members, including Captain Kouri, causing them to desert. Matters were further worsened when Colonel Garret accepted the newly-conscripted Skizzo as his new second-in-command and making plans to exterminate survivor settlements in the north.

However, Wizard Island was preemptively attacked by an alliance of survivors led by Deacon St. John. The Militia are subsequently defeated with Skizzo and the most loyal soldiers being killed by Deacon, and Colonel Garret was poisoned with hemlock by Sarah. What remained of the Militia surrendered willingly. With Garret's regime gone, the survivors made peace with the attacking factions. Leadership was designated to Weaver and Corporal Russell. Weaver became the commander of Wizard Island and decided to continue some of Garret's work, saying that not all his ideas were bad.


Colonel Matthew Garret is the founder and Leader of the Militia, and he holds ultimate authority over Militia personnel and resources. However, the Militia does three separate parts. The first are the officers, who range from sergeant to captain and are in charge of combat and reconnaissance operations for the Militia. The second is the research division, headed by several Officers up to the rank of captain and having its own enlisted personnel of the rank corporal. The final one is the infantry, going from private up to the rank of sergeant, whom are in charge of combat operations, training, and resource gathering.

Recruits declared unfit to serve, such as Crystal Adkins, are sent into a work camp as de facto slave labor.


  • Captain Derrick Kouri - Military Operations Leader, leader of the Diamond Lake Militia outpost, (AWOL)
  • Captain Arturo Jiminez - Head Militia Physician (deceased)
  • Captain Raymond "Skizzo" Sarkozi - second-in-command after the depature of Derrick Kouri, Military Operations (c. 2019; deceased)
  • Captain Thompson - Reconnaissance Operations Leader
  • Lieutenant Justine Norwood - Reconnaissance Operations

Research Division Personnel[]

  • Captain Hawkins - Agriculture and Hydroponics Expert
  • Lieutenant James Weaver - Chemical Engineer, later leader of Wizard Island.
  • Lieutenant Sarah Whitaker - Biological Engineer
  • Sergeant Caleb Tomlinson - Mechanical and Construction Engineer
  • Corporal Deacon St. John - Research and Materials procurement specialist.
  • Private Meyers - Materials procurement specialist, defected. (Deceased)

Infantry Personnel[]

  • Sergeant Melinda Foster - Military Operations, Crater Lake
  • Sergeant Lee Anderson - Militia Sergeant exposed as Marauder Gang Member (Deceased)
  • Corporal Glen Russell - Military Operations, later leader of Diamond Lake.
  • Private Rick Mullins - Military Operations, Diamond Lake
  • Private Wade Taylor - Military Operations (deceased)
  • Private Flores - Military Operations (deceased)
  • Private Gomez - Military Operations


Those civilians deemed fit to serve were ''invited'' to join the militia, but in reality, it was more an order than an offering. Former soldiers were especially appreciated, but Garret personally decided who was fit or not. Those with a criminal past were sent to the work camp forcibly. Those deemed acceptable were made to take an oath of loyalty before receiving uniforms. The new recruits had to give up all their personal belongings, though they could retain their vehicle and weaponry if they had one as these are necessary to the Militia's mission. Though some Militia members are seen training at Diamond, former soldiers were considered already fully trained.


The Deschutes County Militia is the most dangerous human faction in Days Gone apart from NERO. Their soldiers are equipped with military-grade ordinance including assault rifles such as the US556, shotguns such as the Combat Shotgun, C8 sniper rifles, and SAP9 pistols. Armored enemies have armor much more difficult to destroy than Marauders or Rippers, and typically use the MG45 machine gun. Tanks are rare, but are fearsome threats. Clad in military-grade armor, they are armed with flamethrowers or MG45s and have about twice as much health and armor compared to Marauder Tanks.

Stealth is the recommended tactic with the Militia as they are well armed and armored and much better trained and coordinated than the other factions, using teamwork and military training. If stealth is not an option, use an LMG or sniper rifle to pick off their soldiers. Close range is not recommended due to their high-quality weapons and armor.

Due to their superior equipment and reliable access to better food/health care, Militia units have much more health compared to other hostile human factions such as the Marauders or Rippers. A standard Militia unit requires 20 stabs with the boot knife to kill on Normal difficulty, compared to 8 stabs to kill a Marauder and 13 stabs to kill a Ripper. They also wear body armor much more frequently compared to Marauders, and their body armor is of much higher quality compared to that used by Marauders, further increasing their durability. A Militia soldier wearing body armor can survive slightly more damage than a Marauder Tank.

The foot soldiers. Most have ambition, but can’t aim for shit - just wait till you see them fight. There’s a reason these guys are at the bottom of the pecking order.
Unknown player

Grunts are low ranking Militia tasked with bringing in supplies and other useful resources. They are trained but panick easily.

Strategic Data

  • Militia Grunts are standard enemies.
  • Typically armed with SAP9 Pistols, they show good teamwork when fighting.
  • Rarely encountered but more aggressive than Marauders and Rippers.

Does the Colonel honestly think these guys are God’s ‘chosen warriors’? If he does, God help us. Take one look at these idiots and you’ll know they have no discipline whatsoever - they’d soon as shoot you as look at you.
Unknown player

Rushers are Militia who fight for honour and want to die as heroes. Many are found smoking or cleaning their shotguns when not fighting.

Strategic Data

  • Militia Rushers use aggressive fire and cover-to-cover manuevers in order to pressure opponents into fights.
  • They typically charge without regard to their own safety if it allows for a better shot.
  • However, they lack any type of armour and can be easily killed by grenades, concentrated fire, or by lured freakers.

I've gotta give the Militia credit - they're smart. They don't just charge in like marauders or rippers - these guys are smart and know how to use cover and their rifles to full advantage. Kill on sight by either getting close or beating them at their own game,'cause they pick potshots at literally anything that comes within range.
Unknown player

Riflemen typically grunts who have been given promotions due to good service or aptitude for weapons. Most are typically found on watchtowers or on the firing range when not on duty.

Strategic Data

  • Militia Riflemen use high ground and long-range rifles to eliminate opponents discreetly from range.
  • Their accuracy is impressive and their rifles have longer range than you’d expect.
  • However, they have little armour and will panic if attacked at close range, often running to try and get some distance in order to use their rifles effectively.

These guys are cocky as hell. This kind of reckless overconfidence is usually seen in horror films. Go prove to them that they're not the best.
Unknown player

Snipers are usually ex-hunters and teach other members how to shoot. They serve as scouts and act on information that is gleaned from recruits about sources of supplies, possible threats, or other useful notices. Most like to gamble and compete with each other for the best kills under the toughest circumstances.

Strategic Data

  • Militia Snipers use distance, the high ground, and heavy fire in order to control the battlefield and support their allies from range.
  • Similar to basic Militia Members, they’re very weak to any type of attack due to their light armour and often have explosives piled at the base of their towers.
  • Their rifles are extremely powerful and have impressive range for snipers.

These guys are outfiitted like actual military- armour, helmets, Military Grade Assault Rifles. Short of stealing from NERO, I've got no clue where they could find this kind of equipment. I once turned up to a checkpoint to see three of these guys just sitting there, waiting to shoot whoever came through the gate. Ended up blinding them with a smoke bomb and just running past - for all their gear, you can't fight what you breathe in.
Unknown player

Militia Armoured Units are often ex-police. Many are found enjoying downtime, maintaining their equipment, or planning their next move when not fighting.

Strategic Data

  • Militia Armoured Units attempt to use flanking manoeuvres and automatic burst fire in order to control the battlefield.
  • They wear heavy armour and can take a significant battering before their armour is removed, making them vulnerable to headshots.
  • Most of these are found in base defense or at checkpoints, being present at pretty much every Militia camp in Days Gone.
  • The militia lack any sort of regular Assaulter because these guys make up most of their forces.

I’ll give them this, they’re smarter than the average redneck group who thinks they are ‘the law’ in an area. They only give body armor and LMGs out to guys who can use it, so watch your step with these SOBs. Those LMGs can cut down your health in seconds, and when they're not using survivors as target practice, they decide it's a good idea to pick potshots at anything within range. With LMGs.
Unknown player

Gunners are powerful soldiers who rally and provide orders to their squad. They generally serve as lieutenants to Militia Squads.

Strategic Data

  • Gunners are armoured Militia members armed with Machine Guns that attempt to pin down opponents and make it impossible to reposition.
  • They wear medium armour and are much more difficult to kill, because they often hold the high ground and have an extremely high rate of fire.
  • Takedowns and headshots are recommended, which can either be done through sniping from range or using flashbangs or smoke bombs to disorient the gunner.

The worst. These guys have enough armour to survive being hit by a motorcycle and have enough ammo to pin someone down until the cows come home. I quite literally drove a motorcycle into one of these clowns and he still just got back up. Blow up on sight.
Unknown player

Tanks are tough and vicious Militia leaders who lead the most vicious and best equipped squads. Many maintain a strict workout routine and are often found testing their might against nearby hordes. They are not used to their enemies retaliating and will become increasingly irritated when attacked.

Strategic Data

  • Militia tanks are heavy units that advance on opponents while suppressing fire with an LMG.
  • They wear heavy armour and are extremely difficult to kill without sustaining serious injuries.
  • Their helmets can take multiple shots from even snipers without breaking.
  • Their main weakness is explosives - a grenade will easily kill or seriously wound any Tank.
  • Headshots can make their helmet splinter off with about 5 rounds - best bet for a long-distance kill.

I'm pretty sure these guys were Skizzo's idea, because they only started appearing after the bastard lied his way into a promotion. The last time I ran into these guys, I ended up throwing out 2 smoke bombs and started shooting their tanks with a sniper rifle. I am really not a fan of dying via immolation. I hope they weren't.
Unknown player

Flamers are aggressive and fearless militia members. They are often found securing hostages or policing occupied settlements. Some have experience with chemicals manufacturing or served under Lieutenant Weaver.

Strategic Data

  • Militia flamers are heavy enemies that walk towards enemies, firing flamethrowers once in range in an attempt to force enemies out of cover.
  • Their fuel tank is their weakpoint - shoot it enough and it explodes.
  • Militia fuel tanks are tougher than Marauder fuel tanks, but still explode easily.
  • Additionally, their flamethrowers are worse than useless at long range - distance is your friend.

Relationship with other groups[]

The Militia is extremely hostile to NERO and other actual government entities. In the wake of several attacks on government troops, NERO established a no-fly zone around Crater Lake and declared the Militia a hostile entity, authorizing lethal force to be used against Militia personnel. Recordings indicate that the Militia has repeatedly assaulted NERO checkpoints, refugee camps, and research stations, firing on federal personnel and taking hostages.[1] In one particular recording, several NERO and US military personnel, rather than be executed or forced to join the Militia, committed suicide inside their checkpoint as they were overrun.[2]

The Militia have outposts guarding their territory in which they are reported to make use of captured RPGs and anti-air rockets according to O'Brian. Several crashed NERO choppers were seen in the Crater Lake area, probably downed by the Militia. This makes NERO intervention and confrontation difficult, and recordings indicate that NERO command ultimately decided to monitor the Militia's activities rather than directly engage them.