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  Do You Have My Back? is a mission in Days Gone.


Retrieve the mine maps from the old Federal courthouse.


  • Return to your Bike with Iron Mike.
  • Ride with Iron Mike.


  • 6,000 XP
  • 400 Trust - Iron Mike's


Ripped Apart[]

Iron Mike thinks Skizzo wants to kill Rippers because "he don't think they're human anymore." And damn it if I'm not on Skizzo's side. Like Mike, I don't like Copeland or Tucker much either, they each have their issues. I can't say about Carlos. I've never met him. But I've seen Rippers and what they do. No, they're not human. Not anymore.

Earning Our Keep[]

We now have the maps to all the mines in the area. Hopefully, one or two of them will have explosives we can use to seal the Metolius Cave, make the Lost Lake area safer. Then Iron Mike will see that I'm doing my part, helping out the camp. And he'll let Boozer stay, heal up. At least. I hope that's how it goes down.

We've All Done Things[]

We found the maps to the local mining operations but we had to kill a few Marauders getting out of Sherman's Camp. That's the problem with being a pacifist. If you're facing murderers and thieves holding guns, they're not going to give a damn about your pacifism. They're just going to take what they want, and leave you for dead.



  • The time is set at 4:00pm and does not change. The weather changes from clear to heavy rain.
  • The horde that attacks the marauders leaves no ears.