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  Don't Get Caught is a mission in Days Gone.


Head out with Skizzo to find det cord.


  • Drive to location.
  • Follow Skizzo.
  • Clear the Wolves.
  • Walk with Skizzo.


Ripped Apart[]

What was Iron Mike thinking, sending Skizzo to "parley" with the Rippers? Skizzo feels about them the same as me. No treaty with the Rippers will hold. You can't negotiate with crazy people. You can't predict what they want, what will set them off. Sending Skizzo, sending anyone, was a complete waste of time.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

Sneaking into Ripper territory on foot doesn't seem like the smartest idea, but I didn't see where we had much choice. Det cords, any industrial shit like that, you just can't make it anymore. You have to take it where you can find it. We're in agreement about that, me and Skizzo, if nothing else.

Keep Them Safe[]

Iron Mike sent Skizzo to "parley" with Rippers? What was he thinking? Skizzo doesn't have the sense God gave a sewer rat, but he's supposed to negotiate with the leader of Rest In Peace? What's done is done. Now we just have to cross the border, get the det cord, and get out - without getting caught.



  • The mission start time 5:00pm. The mission ends at 10:00pm. The weather is clear.