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  Don't Give Me Orders is a mission in Days Gone.


help Captain Kouri clear the Marauder camp.


  • Clear the Camp of all Marauders.
  • Rescue the hostage.
  • Follow Captain Kouri.


An Officer And A Gentleman[]

So Kouri can ride, knows how to use a gun and he can fight. And he isn't a coward. And so far at least, he doesn't seem like the sort that would shoot you in the back for a crust of bread. Back in the day if me and Boozer ran across a drifter like Kouri? We'd have asked him to ride with us. I wonder what he would have said?

A Good Soldier[]

I figured it was a test, helping track down Vasquez, taking out the marauders. If the Militia vets all their prospects, I haven't used that word in a long time, they might just have a good outfit. So now we're heading south to meet the Colonel.