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  Drifters on the Mountain is a mission in Days Gone.


Head out on foot to retrieve your bike.


  • Check the Gun Locker.
  • Return to your Bike.
  • Follow the Marauder
  • Clear the Marauder Camp.
  • Return to your Bike.
  • Follow Copeland's Man.
  • Find Manny.
  • Walk with Copeland.
  • Return to Manny.


Gear Up For The Ride[]

Salvage, my ass. Copeland and his band of truther scavengers will steal anything that isn't nailed down but at least they won't kill you and steal your shit outright. Not yet anyway. I don't like it, but I'll do runs for the asshole. As soon as we can, we're riding north, leave Cope's truther bullshit behind.

Ripped Apart[]

Cope said that word in the shit is that the Rippers are looking for me and Boozer. WTF? Yeah, like I said, we've had our run ins with the crazy sonsofbitches, but not more than any other crazy sonsofbitches out there. Anarchists, Keermeejies, the Coyote Pack. But Rippers are worse than any of them. What do they want with us?

Marauder Camp Hunter[]

When me and Boozer first up on O'Leary Mountain, we were just looking to camp overnight. Never expected to find a safe house. Back then, it wasn't all that safe. Found a whole group of survivors, a dozen, maybe more, all dead. And it wasn't Freaks. The survivors were butchered, all of them. Took us hours to pile up the corpses, burn them. That's why we don't like squatters on O'Leary Mountain. A fence will keep out the Freaks, but it won't keep out assholes like this.



  • Mission start time 4:20pm, the weather is clear. The mission ends at 8:00 pm, the weather is heavy rain. The number of "days gone" is 736.
  • After this mission, access to the open world opens in the Cascade and Belknap regions.