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  Drinking Himself to Death is a mission in Days Gone.


Find Boozer, who didn't return from a work shift.


  • Drive to location.
  • Get on your Bike.
  • Ride out and find Boozer.
  • Ride to the Lost Lake Farm.
  • Ride to the Abandoned Farm.
  • Search the Abandoned Farm.
  • Track Boozer.
  • Ride to the Abandoned Barn.
  • Search the abandoned Farmhouse.
  • Track Boozer.
  • Search the Broken Road.
  • Escape to Lost Lake.
  • Return Boozer to the Lost Lake encampment.



Surviving Isn't Living[]

I remember the night Boozer's wife was killed. They were drunk and crashed his bike off Highway 97. Joany was dead when we got there. We had to drag Boozer away, called it in. Lied to the cops. If we hadn't, Boozer would have done time for manslaughter. Not something any of us was proud of. The way the MC handled it, leaving Joany out there, even for a short time, yeah, that was bad. Boozer never forgave himself.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

Skizzo and I will never agree on this: He says you have to know when to cut a man loose, know when he's done. Not when he's your brother. Then? You do whatever it takes, for however long it takes. You don't give up. You never give up.



  • The mission start time 4:00pm. The weather is clear.
  • The screamer's first appearance in the game.