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  Driven To Extinction is a mission in Days Gone.


Help track an AWOL Militia Soldier.


  • Search the cabin.
  • Track the AWOL militia soldier.
  • Clear the Wolves.
  • Examine the Elk carcass.
  • Track the AWOL militia soldier.
  • Follow Captain Kouri.
  • Track the AWOL militia soldier.
  • Sneak to the Abandoned Lumber Mill.


An Officer And A Gentleman[]

You know how you tell the character of a man? By how they treat their dead. Burning a corpse so the Freaks can't get it. Doing that says a lot. But I learned my lesson with Skizzo, who wouldn't leave his men to the Freaks either yet turned out to be a backstabbing asshole. I'm not going to trust Kouri until I find out how he got my ring.

A Good Soldier[]

I'm helping Kouri track down one of his men who went AWOL. That's the tough thing about trying to maintain military discipline out here, in times like these. Your oath is only as good as your opportunities. But this AWOL soldier, Vasquez, seems like he didn't really want to play soldier. He was just an inside man looking to help his buddies.