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This Article is about Easter Eggs in Days Gone.

The Last Of Us[]

  • A house somewhere in the game has a bedroom with a messed up bed, blood everywhere, and a guitar near the bed.

Syphon Filter (Spoiler Alert)[]

  • At the near end of the game, you'll get a stun gun that is very similar to the one from Syphon Filter.
  • The Classified Virus Research collectible found inside Cloverdale references multiple organizations and characters from the series, including the International Presidential Consulting Agency and series protagonist Gabriel Logan.
  • The BND-150 is based on a sniper rifle that appeared in the Syphon Filter games Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow.

Anarchy Reigns[]

  • On Boozer's coat he has a pin on his jacket that depicts a sign that looks like the Anarchy Sign from Anarchy Reigns.

Red Dead Redemption[]

Dark Souls[]

  • At the visitor center at the Belknap Caves National Monument, You'll find the remains of a Bonfire with a machete stabbed through the charred logs.

989 Studios[]

  • One of the achievements requires you to collect 989 ears from zombies (I.e. Swarmers/Freakers,Bleachers). The number is a reference to 989 Studios.

Lil' Stubby on motorcycle reload[]



Evidence of Deacon flip-cocking the Lil' Stubby while on the bike. to around the 0:08 in the video) to around 0:31 in the video)