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  Everyone Has To Work is a mission in Days Gone.


  • Ride out on a hostage rescue job for Tucker.



  • 3,000 XP
  • 1550 Trust - Hot Springs


Protecting The Weak[]

Yeah, so Tucker makes you work. The Hot Springs isn't any different than any other camp: Copeland, Lost Lake, you have to earn your keep there too. Okay, it's true Tuck won't let you leave, but she's just looking out for you, trying to keep you safe. But if Rose doesn't want to go back? I'm not going to make her.

Gear Up For The Ride[]

What'd she say? That Tucker starved her if she didn't work? I don't know which is worse. Copeland's truther bullshit or Tucker being hard as nails. Yeah, Alkai's got some hardware I need, but sooner rather than later, me and Boozer are riding north.