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Farewell, Oregon is a location in Days Gone, primarily in its background sections.

A medium sized city in Oregon, Farewell is known as the hometown of the Mongrel Motorcycle Club. It was overrun and destroyed at the dawn of the Freakers outbreak.

Known residents[]

This is a list of notable residents from Farewell pre-outbreak.



  • Farewell is based on Bend, Oregon, where Bend Studio is located, and used to be called Farewell Bend. The game's creators resurrected the town's name because it is here, at the start of Days Gone, that Deacon says his goodbye to Sarah—a farewell that starts him on a journey that will take him to the end of the world.
  • If the population sign in concept art is to be held as canon, Farewell's population before the outbreak would have been more than 50% greater than that of it's real world equivalent
  • The brewery featured in the intro is most likely based on the Deschutes Brewery on Southwest Colorado Avenue. Though, the relative position of the retired smokestacks atop the Brooks-Scanlon Mill B powerhouse building and Pilot Butte would suggest the brewery be slightly further south than it's real world location.